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Neighborhood Ventures “Inside Look”

Neighborhood Ventures “Inside Look” goes beyond the typical renovation show and instead, offers a rare glimpse into the work that goes on behind the scenes and what makes Neighborhood Ventures uniquely qualified to offer such a great investment choice.


Venture on Marlette

Venture on Marlette will bring this two-story, 12-unit apartment building into the 21st century with an updated color palette, colorful landscape, modern touches, all working together to create a desirable urban community.

Venture on Marlette Inside Look

Located in an Up-and-Coming neighborhood along 7th Street in Midtown Phoenix

Venture on Marlette Update #1

Renovations kick off with the removal of old appliances, flooring, and well… everything!

Venture on Wilson

This Neighborhood Ventures project is about bringing this mid-century modern, 12-unit apartment building back to it’s former glory, adding modern touches, and creating a desirable urban community.

Venture on Wilson Inside Look

This 12 unit building is steps from Mill Avenue in burgeoning Tempe

Venture on Wilson Update #1

Renovations begin with the removal of appliances, flooring…

Venture on Wilson Update #2

The exterior block is sandblasted, Venture on Wilson looks like new

Venture on Wilson Update #3

All new doors and windows are installed and major progress inside

Venture on Wilson Update #4

Exterior wood paneling is painted and patio fences enhanced

Venture on Wilson Update #5

A majority of the exterior work complete and cabinetry is being installed