Co-Founder Honored as Arizona’s 20 young business leaders shaping commercial Real Estate

While the old adage that experience is the best teacher may be true, it’s never a good idea to underestimate what energy, drive and youthful imagination can accomplish, especially when it comes to the young business leaders shaping Arizona’s commercial real estate sector.

The commercial real estate industry in the United States, and Arizona in particular, is thriving, thanks in large part to younger professionals who are quickly rising through the ranks of their respective fields. This rising generation is more open to change and innovation, not afraid of taking risks and more savvy in the ways of technology and how it helps work get accomplished faster and less expensive.

Each generation plays a role in pushing industry forward, and this latest cohort is doing just that.

These are just some of the young business leaders poised to push the commercial real estate industry forward in Arizona and beyond in 2020.

Jamison Manwaring

Co-Founder, Neighborhood Ventures

After spending several years on Wall Street as a research analyst for Goldman Sachs, Jamison Manwaring relocated to the Valley to join LifeLock as the VP of Investor Relations. While living in New York, he purchased and rehabbed a ten-unit building and discovered a deep passion for real estate. Shortly after LifeLock was acquired in 2017, Manwaring co-founded Neighborhood Ventures, a crowdfunding real estate company that enables people of all income levels to invest in apartment buildings for as little as $1,000. Since it was founded, the company has successfully funded three projects with over 300 investors.