Why Us?

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Projects We Like

  • Properties in good locations with strong population growth

  • Up-and-coming Neighborhoods in urban areas

  • Interior/Exterior needs a refreshed look & feel

  • Apartments with below market rents

Benefits of Investing Locally

  • As an investor, you can visit the property in person to monitor it’s progress

  • Local investment improves the neighborhoods we live in

  • Direct investment that cuts out the middle man

Why we use very little Debt

  • Cash that would otherwise go to paying interest, instead goes to shareholders

  • Having too much debt could motivate a quick sell, rather than waiting until the market is ready

  • Reduces risk of loan default


Deal Sourcing

Why Invest?

Crowdfunding Success

Multifamily Trends

Intelligent Value Add

Meet Our Team

We believe hard working, middle-class people ought to be able to invest in apartment buildings.

Since these projects are in our neighborhoods, we can keep our investment dollars local and improve the communities where we live and work.

Jamison Manwaring

Jamison Manwaring is Co-founder and CEO of Neighborhood Ventures. Prior to Neighborhood Ventures, he served as the Vice President of Investor Relations at LifeLock and assisted the company in its successful sell to Symantec in February of 2017. Prior to LifeLock, Jamison was a technology analyst at Goldman Sachs where he participated in over a dozen software IPOs including Tableau, Alarm.com and LifeLock. Jamison graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Finance.

John Kobierowski

John Kobierowski is Co-founder and President of Real Estate at Neighborhood Ventures. John has over 25 years of commercial real estate experience. During his career he has personally closed over 1,400 multifamily transactions, developed over 800 condominium units and has owned over 1,000 apartment units, homes and condos. He is currently Senior Managing Partner and Co-Founder of ABI Multifamily. Prior, he was a founding adviser of Hendricks & Partners (Berkadia.) John graduated from Arizona State University.

Thomas M. Brophy

Thomas M. Brophy is Director of Research at Neighborhood Ventures where he is responsible for market analysis and reporting, as well as, corporate communications. Thomas has over 15 years of commercial real estate experience with emphasis on land entitlement, acquisition/rehabilitation and research/data analytics. Concurrently, Thomas is also Director of Research at ABI Multifamily.