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Earn a 5% Annual Return, Paid Monthly, When You Invest Today!

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NV REIT offers all U.S. residents the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of Multifamily assets!

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Build Your Wealth
NV REIT offers all U.S. residents the opportunity to have long term investments in a diversified portfolio of Multifamily assets!

What is NV REIT?

NV REIT is a pool investment in which the money of numerous investors is combined to purchase properties that are generating cashflow. Thus, increasing the total value of the REIT.
This allows you to earn cash returns from our multifamily portfolio - without having to manage, buy, or finance any property yourself. 
A huge benefit to NV REIT is that many of properties within the REIT are stabilized cash-flowing properties. Meaning, you can begin to see immediate returns! 
In addition, we will invest in developing properties creating a fixed 15% return. 

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Our properties will primarily be in the Sunbelt and Mountain West regions, which have shown a steady increase in population and demand for Multifamily over the years.  
In these markets, we focus on Core & Core+ areas that are walkable and near public transportation and employment centers. Our niche is medium-sized buildings with an average of 50-200 units. 

Begin Building Your Wealth Today!

Why Neighborhood Ventures?


We know Multifamily
Neighborhood Ventures has sponsored more equity crowdfunding offerings than any other real estate investment company nationwide.
Our team of seasoned real estate professionals has over 100 years of combined experience buying, managing, and selling Multifamily buildings.
Our value-add cycle has consistently turned underperforming properties into cash-flowing assets, generating double-digit returns for our hundreds of investors.
Our mission is simple. To give everyone the opportunity to build wealth.

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Build your wealth with Multifamily. Get started with as little as $1,000

Address: 5227 N 7th Street | Phoenix, AZ 85014
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 602-714-1555

Investing involves the risk of loss. You should only consider investing if you can afford to lose your investment and are willing to live with the ups and downs of the real estate industry, since real estate can be risky and unpredictable, and markets can change without warning. For example, many experienced, informed people lost money when the real estate market declined in 2007-2008.
Some of the risks of investing in real estate include changing laws, including environmental laws; floods, fires, and other Acts of God, some of which can be uninsurable; changes in national or local economic conditions; changes in government policies, including changes in interest rates established by the Federal Reserve; and international crises.
Descriptions of the attributes, features or economics of the project in this video are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to the terms of the offering. Past performance is not a guarantee of purpose future results of any development project or investment.

This offering is open to everyone over 18 years.