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Neighborhood Ventures Investors Now Receiving Monthly Distributions for Three Properties

Venture at Villa Hermosa, Venture on 19th, and Venture at Mountain View all stabilized and generating passive cash flow for investors

PHOENIX, AZ (June 25, 2021) — Neighborhood Ventures today announced that 6% annual cash distributions for two additional properties will begin July 2021. Venture at Villa Hermosa investors will continue to receive their monthly distributions, which began in April 2021, and now investors in Venture on 19th and Venture at Mountain View will also begin receiving monthly distributions, beginning in July.

“The renovation for Venture at Mountain View was completed ahead of schedule and our team has leased-up the property quickly. This has enabled us to begin distributing profits back to investors about 5 months early,” said Co-Founder and CEO Jamison Manwaring. “We purchased Mountain View in December and typically it takes a full year to renovate, lease-up and stabilize a property of this size. But our team has done an excellent job across the board, and we are excited to get cash back to investors ahead of schedule.”  

Each month, investors receiving distributions will receive 6% of their investment amount, divided by 12. For example, an individual who invested $10,000 will receive $600 divided by 12, or $50 per month. When the property is sold, the investor will receive the difference between the amount they have already received in cash distributions and their 12% annual preferred return.  

Neighborhood Ventures starts paying distributions once each property is stabilized and generating cash flow, following renovation and lease-up of the updated units. The target hold period is 2-3 years until the building is sold and the investor receives the remaining amount of their 12% annual preferred return. 

To date, Neighborhood Ventures has purchased eight crowdfunded properties and sold three of them, paying out the 12% annual preferred return to investors in those projects. A total of $2.4 million has been distributed to investors thus far.

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