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Ep. 147 - Kimberly Taynton, Vice President and Senior Underwriter for BWE: The Freeze of Lending; Inside Rates of HUD Loan; $5 Million Loan vs. $25 Million Loan

Ep. 141 - Nick Heth, Founder of Phoenix Mortgage Brokers: The Perfect Storm; Starter Home Strategies; How High Can Rates Go??

Ep. 124 - The ASU Real Estate Club: Pushing Past the Limits of Real Estate

Ep. 118 - Matt Sorensen, Directed IRA - Retire Rich; REITs and Taxes; IRAs vs. LLCs; Why Fair Market Value Matters; Unpacking U.B.I.T.

Ep. 110 - Eve Picker: Discussion With Two Real Estate Disruptors; How Crowdfunding has Reshaped Investing

Ep. 96 - Drew Riccardi: Arizona Rents Grew 22% | PHOENIX MSA MULTIFAMILY Q1 2022 Report

Ep. 71 - Tyler Burggman, ABI Multifamily: All things multifamily, real estate, and... football?

Ep. 67 - Drew Riccardi: Phoenix Real Estate Almost Doubled? | ABI Multifamily Q3 2021 Report

Ep. 56 - Mat Sorensen, Directed IRA: Have an IRA? Contact Congress to eliminate bad provisions in the tax bill.

Ep 51 - Josh Manwaring, Trek Financial: Leave More to Your Loved Ones and Less to the IRS | Creating a Trust

Ep. 50 - Josh Marnwaring, Trek Financial: Setting Up Your Retirement Plan One ‘Bucket’ at a Time | Asset Allocation

Ep. 43 - ASU Econ Prof. Dennis Hoffman Discusses Inflation, Real Estate, and AZ's Outlook

Ep. 42- Drew Riccardi: Roaring Arizona Multifamily Market - Inside the Numbers

Ep. 41 - Mat Sorensen, Directed IRA: The Do’s and Don’ts of Investing with an IRA

Ep. 40 - Mat Sorensen, Directed IRA: Why You Should Convert Your IRA to a Self Directed IRA

Ep. 29- Derek Greene, CEO of Get Your Move On and Plush Installation: Demand in Arizona Homes Calls for Quality Movers

Ep. 22 - Ram Das Kaur, CPA:  A CPA’s view of potential tax changes under the Biden Administration

Ep. 21 - Ram Das Kaur, CPA:  Filing taxes with investment income

Ep. 7- Drew Riccardi: How Phoenix multifamily weathered COVID-19 storm