Start Investing in Multifamily Real Estate

Neighborhood Ventures is a real estate crowdfunding company that offers all Arizona residents the opportunity to be shareholders in Phoenix Area apartment projects.


Deal Sourcing

Multifamily Trends

Intelligent Value Add

Why Invest?

01. Acquisition

Timeline: 2-6 months

We offer investments in Phoenix area apartment buildings. These properties are in great locations but are generating lower rents than the market.  We like projects that are in high demand areas but that need a refreshed look, better management and can support higher future rents.

You can became a shareholder in a project for as little as $1,000

02. Transformation

Timeline: 3-6 months

The remodel focuses on the most important aspects to renters including kitchens, bathrooms and common areas.

As a shareholder, you will be updated regularly with photos and videos as the project reaches important milestones.

03. Stabilization

Timeline: 2-4 years

Strong property management and re-branding will increase the newly remodeled property rents so they are in-line with the market. This rounds out the transformation, puts a plan in place for increasing cash flow and bolsters the investor rate of return.

As a shareholder, you will be entitled to receive your portion of the property’s cash flow each quarter.

04. Liquidation

Timeline: 1-6 months

After the property has been stabilized for an adequate period of time, it is now time to assess the sale options. When it is believed that the property has reached its full value potential it will be marketed and sold.

Proceeds of the sale will be distributed to shareholders.