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Property Rezoning for Venture on Country Club

October 26, 2021

Neighborhood Ventures is Arizona’s first crowdfunding company, and we believe in enhancing Arizona by getting many people from the community involved in the process, improving neighborhoods one project at a time.

If you’ve been following along with our Renovation Updates, you’ll know everything is going beautifully! We’ve made significant progress on the renovation of both the exterior of the property and the interior of the units, and the feedback from neighbors has been overwhelmingly positive as they watch the transformation of this property from a former eyesore into a point of pride.

As you are likely aware, we are currently converting Venture on Country Club into a short-term Airbnb property during what we call Phase 1. In fact, we recently welcomed our first guests. Simultaneously, we are working with the City of Mesa on our plan to rezone the property into long-term rentals.

This is where you come in! There is a period during the rezoning process when input from interested parties is provided to the City, and that time is now. We would like to ask you to send a brief email to the Mesa Mayor’s office and City Council members to share your thoughts on why the conversion of Venture on Country Club from hotel to apartments is beneficial to Mesa. Essentially, we are requesting letters of support that share how much things have changed for the better already, and why you support Neighborhood Ventures in our mission to change the way this hotel was operated and improve the neighborhood.

Sample Email (feel free to copy and paste or edit and make it your own!)

"Dear Mayor/Councilmember, I am writing to express my support for the rezoning of Venture on Country Club from a hotel to long-term rental housing. As a Neighborhood Ventures investor, I have seen an incredible transformation of the building already. The conversion of this property to well-maintained apartments, where residents will be required to pass background checks, will improve the neighborhood from its former life as a mismanaged run-down hotel, and will bring much-needed rental housing to the community.

Thank you for your support.


Name/Address/Email Address/Phone"

Number Email addresses:
Mayor John Giles: [email protected]
Councilmember Francisco Heredia: [email protected]
Councilmember and Vice Mayor Jenn Duff: [email protected]
Councilmember Mark Freeman: [email protected]
Councilmember Julie Spilsbury: [email protected]
Thank you for your support!

John Kobierowski and Jamison Manwaring
Co-founders of Neighborhood Ventures

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