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Update on Tax Bill and Self-Directed IRAs - GOOD NEWS

The latest version of the tax bill was released yesterday and ALL of the provisions which would affect self-directed IRAs have been removed. Thanks to everyone who spoke up and who reached out to their Senators and House Representatives. Our voice was heard.

HOWEVER, this bill is not done and these provisions could sneak back in through amendments. It looks like the bill won't be finalized for final votes in the House or Senate until next week so we don't want to celebrate this victory yet (that's like celebrating on the 10-yard line before you're actually in the end zone).

We are maintaining our focus on the bill until the final text is voted on and signed into law. We remain vigilant on these issues and after hundreds of contacts with Congressional offices, we have found that IRA savers have supporters in Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who understand the importance of self-directed IRAs for people saving for retirement and for the economy at large.

Mat Sorensen
CEO, Directed IRA

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