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Ep. 1: Creating a Community
Why Venture on Williams is so successful
Ep. 2: From Dated to Modern
Take a peek at Venture on Elden's completed unit
Ep. 3: Venture at Country Club
Tour our largest project with investor Dan Welsh
Ep. 4: Venture on Central
The mid-century modern hideaway in central Phoenix
Ep. 5: Venture on Broadway
Chris Lacasse shows the vision for our first retail project
Ep. 6: Danny's Corner
See how Danny refurbished Venture on Country Club's countertops into a fresh new design
Ep.7: Venture at Route 66
Our team surveys the potential for our latest project in Flagstaff
Ep. 8: Jamison and John
Our founders discuss how they came to create Neighborhood Ventures
Ep. 9: Danny's Corner
Leveling and Spacing is the Key to Cabinetry

Ep. 10: Before and After
Our investors tour newly renovated Venture on Country Club