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Ep. 73: Investor Stories - Buying, Flipping, and Selling to Earn PASSIVE INCOME - Audrey Hollander

In this episode of Investor Stories, Jamison and Heather welcome longtime investor, Audrey Hollander. Living most of her life in Kansas City, Hollander shares her story of buying, flipping, and selling rental properties. Throughout her experience, Hollander explains how she moved to Arizona to begin earning passive income through investing in real estate.

Ep. 82: Investor Stories - OCD Cleaning & Investing in Real Estate with Bill and Annessa

Bill and Annessa, husband and wife duo investing with Neighborhood Ventures, share a little bit of their life story, and how they came to own a cleaning company and utilize the proceeds from that to invest in real estate.

Ep. 86: Life in a News Room, and Earning Money from Spam Mail

Which tv shows best capture the reality of working in a newsroom? Bill Woodward talks about his journey in public relations, investments, and why he now checks his spam folder.

Ep. 95 INVESTOR STORY - Brent Huczel: Building Cashflow through Real Estate

Investor Brent Huczel discusses purchasing rental properties to create an ongoing cash flow.

Ep. 98 INVESTOR STORY - Brieanna Green: Should you Make your Kids Save Their Money??

From military to interior design, Brieanna Green shares her professional evolution, and how she educates her children on money.

Ep. 83: Renovation Recap - Venture on Broadway: Permits and Progress
Ep. 68: Drive-Thru Approved On Retail Property - Next Steps
Ep. 61: The Cyclone of Inflation - Into the Retail of Arizona
Ep. 39: Understanding Retail Project Deal Cycle & Timing in High Traffic Tempe
Ep. 38: Retail Opportunities in High Traffic Tempe Create Milestone for Neighborhood Ventures
Ep. 37: Making Real Estate Fun Again with Chris and Rocky

Chris Lacasse is VP of Acquisitions for Neighborhood Ventures. Prior to Neighborhood Ventures, Chris held various positions with private and institutional real estate investment organizations in the United States and in Canada. Throughout his career, Chris has led the acquisition and disposition of over $1.5 billion worth of commercial real estate assets as well as more than 20 development projects.

Chris has a Master’s Degree in International Real Estate from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) and the University of Hong Kong. He is also a Chartered Property Finance & Investment Surveyor, a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Arizona.

Ep. 55: Investor Stories - Why Investing Branches Beyond the Return - Dan Welsh

In this episode Host, Rocky Petersen interviews Dan Welsh, a long-time and valued investor. Initially intrigued by the 12% annual return Dan explains how it was the people that convinced him to become part of all 10 Neighborhood Ventures projects.

Ep. 43: ASU Econ Prof. Dennis Hoffman Discusses Inflation, Real Estate, and AZ's Outlook

Jamison and Rocky had the privilege of sitting down with Arizona State Economics Professor Dennis Hoffman. The team has been honing in on the recent news of inflation and we have the answers.

Ep. 29: Demand in Arizona Homes Calls for Quality Movers

Kiss My Assets host, Rocky Petersen, and co-host Yibo Loving sit down with Derek Greene, CEO of both Get Your Move on and Plush Installation, for a candid conversation about California's mass exodus, Neighborhood Ventures and the secret to maintaining a good reputation with your clients.

Ep. 60: Investor Stories - Microsoft to Neighborhood Ventures - Dianna Kimling's Invested in it All

Another valued Neighborhood Ventures investor. Host Rocky Peterson and Dianna Kimling discuss her investment journey from the stock market to becoming a 6-time investor in Neighborhood Ventures projects.

Ep. 96 PHOENIX MSA MULTIFAMILY Q1 2022 Report - Drew Riccardi: Arizona Rents Grew 22%

Ep. 67: Phoenix Real Estate Almost Doubled? | ABI Multifamily Q3 2021 Report

Ep. 42: Roaring Arizona Multifamily Market - Inside the Numbers

Ep. 7: Drew, Research Manager at ABI, discusses how Phoenix multifamily weathered COVID-19 storm

Drew Ricciardi is the Research Manager at ABI Multifamily. Prior to being a Research Manager, he began as a Research Analyst. Drew gives in-depth information from the recent ABI Multifamily Quarterly Report which provides information on all sales, construction, news, and other multifamily activity (10+ unit properties) in the Phoenix MSA. Drew graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts - BA, Business Global Politics. Link to ABI Q2 Report 2020:


Jamison and Drew discuss how the AZ market remains stable mid-COVID at the end of the year. Drew gives in-depth information from the recent ABI Multifamily Quarterly Report. Link to ABI Q3 Report 2020:


Jamison, Rocky, and Drew discuss how the AZ market has outperformed and how Phoenix has become the hottest ever recorded. Drew gives in-depth information from the recent ABI Multifamily Q1 2021 Report. Link to ABI Q1 Report 2021:


Ep. 90 Investor Story: Dorie Morales - Creating a sustainable lifestyle for your health and finances

Publisher of Green Living Magazine, Dorie Morales, discusses her experience as a real estate investor and the small steps people can take to create an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Ep. 28: How to better understand K1s to help fill out your tax return

Jamison talks with our financial analyst, Heidi about where to find your K1s on the investor dashboard, which sections are high-level, and answers to questions most investors ask. Visit to access your Neighborhood Ventures dashboard or to create an account.

Jamison Manwaring is Co-founder, Managing Partner, and CEO of Neighborhood Ventures. In 2020 he was selected as Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 under 40. Before Neighborhood Ventures, he served as the Vice President of Investor Relations at LifeLock and assisted the company in its successful sale to Symantec in February of 2017.

Before LifeLock, Jamison was a technology analyst at Goldman Sachs where he participated in over a dozen software IPOs including Tableau,, and LifeLock. Jamison graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Finance.

John Kobierowski is Co-founder, Managing Partner, and President of Real Estate at Neighborhood Ventures. He also co-founded ABI Multifamily in September 2013. John has over 25 years of commercial real estate experience. He bought his first small apartment building while still in college. Over the course of his career, he has personally closed over 1,400 multifamily transactions, developed over 800 condominium units and owned over 1,000 apartment units, homes and condos. Prior to founding ABI, he was a founding adviser of Hendricks & Partners (Berkadia). John graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science - Liberal Arts with a minor in Business and a concentration in Engineer and Architecture.

Ep. 56: Jamison's Corner: Have an IRA? Contact Congress to eliminate bad provisions in the tax bill
Ep. 41: The Do’s and Don’ts of Investing with an IRA
Ep. 40: Why You Should Convert Your IRA to a Self Directed IRA

CEO at Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company | Partner at KKOS Lawyers | Author of The Self-Directed IRA Handbook | VIP Contributor at

Ep. 22: A CPA’s view of potential tax changes under the Biden Administration
Ep. 21: Filing taxes with investment income

Accounting Part 1: Jamison and Rocky chat with our CPA Ram Das Kaur, about how to file taxes with your K1s, gains/losses for entities and benefits of using retirement accounts, and self-directed 401ks to invest in Real Estate. Contact Neighborhood Ventures for questions about timing or delivery of Venture project K1s. If you are interested in tax preparation services or tax advice you can reach Ram Das at [email protected].


Accounting Part 2: Jamison and Rocky discuss with CPA Ram Das Kaur about what she sees as trends for future tax plans and her thoughts on President Biden's policies. If you are interested in tax preparation services or tax advice, you can reach Ram Das Kaur at [email protected].


Ep. 77: Investor Stories - Podcast Production Master and Investor, Regina Revazova

In this episode of Kiss My Assets, Jamison, Heather, and Regina discuss Regina's career owning a podcast production company, experience coming from a family of immigrants, and making her first investments with Neighborhood Ventures.

Ep. 24: INVESTOR SPOTLIGHT: Paul and Sherri discuss their passive income success story
Ep. 23: INVESTOR SPOTLIGHT: Paul and Sherri discuss their passive income success story

Jamison and Rocky discuss with Neighborhood Ventures investors Sherri and Paul about their plans for early retirement as they focus on generating passive income from single-family residences, multifamily, and Airbnb. Sherri and Paul are willing to provide mentoring and advice to any who are interested in real estate investing. Paul also leads a weekly virtual book club discussing the Rich Dad Poor Dad series @ They can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected].



Ep. 71: All things multifamily, real estate, and... football?

On this weeks episode of Kiss My Assets, Jamison Manwaring, CEO of Neighborhood Ventures and Grayson Loupas, serial entrepreneur, sit down with a new ABI Multifamily commercial real estate agent, Tyler Bruggman. Tyler comes with a competitive background, playing four years of Division I football, and carries that energy over into his career at ABI. How was the real estate market this year? How did anybody mange to find a deal in such a competitive market? These are all things covered in this weeks episode of Kiss My Assets.

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