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Venture at Villa Hermosa


Project Overview

Villa Hermosa consists of a residential apartment development that includes 14 apartment units all with 785 square feet, 2-bedrooms, and 1 bathroom. It is located at 5740 North 10th Street, Phoenix, Arizona, The property has a private driveway lined with matures trees that creates a secluded neighborhood feel just steps away from the busy streets of Phoenix.

We have purchased the property and plan begin renovations in a few months. It is the intention of the Sponsor to renovate the interior of each unit with new cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, painting, and appliances. On the exterior, we plan to enhance the building’s curb appeal by painting the trim and updating the roof. We also plan to replace the facia and update the landscaping and common areas. We expect to have the property renovated and fully operational before the end of the first year and to either sell or refinance the property before the end of the second year.