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The Fund

Available to All U.S. Accredited Investors

  • $50,000 Min. Investment
  • 5 Years Target Hold Period
  • The fund is currently paying monthly distributions
  • 12% Preferred Target Return


Neighborhood Ventures Strategy

Up & Coming Neighborhood in Core Areas
  • Many buildings available in core urban areas provides sustainable deal flow
Small-Medium Size Buildings
  • 10-200 units
  • Smaller building sizes helps avoid competition from institutional buyers
  • Often not professionally managed by prior owners. Better management can result in higher cash flow and property appreciation

Value Add to Buildings w/ Below Market Rents
  • Intelligent renovations that appeal to today's renter
  • Rent increased so it is in line with market

Past Projects
All receiving 12% target preferred annual return


Dan Welsh, Invested in 10 Projects

“Being retired, I invest to keep my lifestyle and have the ability to travel and enjoy life. We are kept in the loop regarding any payments or changes on the properties and I really like the transparency they bring.”

Carly Reynolds, Invested in 3 Projects

“It’s empowering to think about my retirement when I’m young. I can start building a life for my children and we can be financially comfortable.”

Omar Abdallah, Invested in 10 Projects

“I invest to grow my wealth. This is a chance to invest in real estate projects that experienced professionals are managing. It’s a good opportunity to invest as a passive way to build my wealth.”

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