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Ep. 104: Catalysts That Impact Your Asset Portfolios; Questions to Ask Before Buying Rental Properties; Self-Directing - Stay Connected to you Money

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If you have a long-term hold on a stock, the only way to really make money on the stock is to sell it. Real Estate is uniquely positioned and differs in the way that you, as an investor, don’t need to sell your holding to make money!

Jamison describes his journey into Real Estate Crowdfunding and how he and his co-founder, John Kobierowski, started Neighborhood Ventures. His novel idea, at the time, lets any investor join Neighborhood Ventures’ Real Estate journey with as little as $1,000 to get started. 

Investing in a larger apartment building allows for more diversification. In this episode, Jamison goes into more detail on the specifics involved in a typical Neighborhood Ventures’ Project Life-Cycle.