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Ep. 116: INVESTOR LIVESTREAM Q1 2023 - What you should know about NV REIT??


In the Q1 2023 investor live stream hosted by Heidi Butler and Jamison Manwaring the launch of NV REIT was introduced. The crowdfunding offering allows residents to invest in a diversified portfolio of multifamily properties, primarily located in Arizona, the Mountain West, and Sunbelt regions. The REIT is expected to generate annual total returns of 10% to 15%, with monthly cash distributions of 5% to 7%. Neighborhood Ventures focuses on medium-sized buildings near public transportation and employment centers.

This livestream also touches on ongoing projects and renovations by Neighborhood Ventures, driven by the increasing demand for multifamily housing, particularly in the thriving Arizona market. The company plans to continue individual projects alongside the NV REIT, and some projects may be exclusive to Arizona residents.

Investor inquiries reveal that Neighborhood Ventures is actively exploring redevelopment sites and ground-up construction opportunities. While their initial focus is on Arizona, they express intentions to expand gradually into other markets. The company emphasizes its successful track record and the potential for attractive investor returns.

The transcript provides information on investing in a REIT, including transferring cash, investment qualifications, expected returns, tax implications, and buying and selling shares. Investors can contact the Investor Relations team or choose wire transfer for cash transfers. Both accredited and non-accredited investors can participate, with a minimum investment of $1,000. The REIT is nationally available, and returns are projected to range from 10% to 15% annually, with 5% to 7% in monthly cash distributions.

When properties are sold, 80% of the proceeds are returned to investors, and existing investors have the first right of refusal to purchase additional shares. The share price is set at $100, with a minimum investment of $1,000 and additional investments allowed in $100 increments.

In summary, the transcript highlights the launch of NV REIT, its investment opportunities, and Neighborhood Ventures' strategy for multifamily property investments. It underscores the company's focus on Arizona and other markets, its ongoing projects, and the potential for attractive returns. Additionally, it provides insights into investing in a REIT, including the transfer process, qualifications, expected returns, tax considerations, and share buying and selling procedures.