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Ep. 82: Investor Stories - OCD Cleaning & Investing in Real Estate with Bill and Annessa

Bill and Annessa, husband and wife duo investing with Neighborhood Ventures, share a little bit of their life story, and how they came to own a cleaning company and utilize the proceeds from that to invest in real estate.
The couple talks about how they ended up owning a cleaning company, and Jamison and Heather chime in mentioning that although it's not the most glamorous business, owners of these companies often times reap great benefits, which is what allowed Bill and Annessa to start investing their additional income.
Slow and steady wins the race for Bill and Annessa, as they only take on clients from referrals, which shows how strong their business is and the quality they provide.
To hear more about their company, life lessons, and investing in real estate, listen to this week's episode of Kiss My Assets.