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Ep. 141 - The Perfect Storm; Starter Home Strategies; How High Can Rates Go??

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In this discussion between Jamison Manwaring - CEO, and Nick Heth - founder of Phoenix Mortgage Brokers, the conversation delves into several aspects of the housing market. Nick provides insights into the current state of the Phoenix housing market, emphasizing that it's a seller's market with limited inventory despite relatively high interest rates. He attributes the strong demand to Phoenix's business-friendly environment, attracting residents from various regions and historically low rates.

The conversation explores the psychology of homebuyers, highlighting the importance of qualifying for current interest rates and considering the long-term benefits of homeownership, including building equity and tax advantages. Nick also addresses lending standards, noting that there hasn't been significant tightening, and new programs aim to increase affordability. Regarding Elon Musk's tweet predicting a housing market crash, Nick expresses skepticism, emphasizing that the housing market is more stable now, with homeowners typically qualified and having substantial equity. He highlights the need for a significant catalyst, like widespread job losses, for a market crash to occur.

Throughout the discussion, both Nick and Jamison underscore the influence of various factors on the housing market, such as job markets, supply, and local economic conditions, expressing confidence in the stability of the housing market in areas like Phoenix, driven by factors like job availability and affordability.