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Ep. 117: What is a REIT; How We Determine Shares for NV; Why You Should Start Investing in a REIT!

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In this special episode of "Kiss My Assets," We have Jamison Manwaring (cofounder and CEO), Heather Andrews (Investor Relations), and Amanda Schwicht (Marketing Analyst) discussing our brand new investment product, the NV REIT, and address questions from investors. The REIT, which stands for Real Estate Investment Trust, offers a different investment structure compared to their individual projects. The hosts explain that a REIT allows investment companies to avoid double taxation by distributing at least 90% of earnings back to investors, who then pay taxes on capital gains or distributions. The NV REIT focuses on holding multifamily properties for the long term, which are already generating cash flow for investors. This differs from investing in individual projects that may require renovations and have a longer period before generating cash flow.


They emphasize the benefits of the NV REIT, including providing a convenient and centralized platform for investors to access information and feel confident and educated about their investments. They discuss the decision-making process behind including specific properties in the REIT, highlighting factors such as increased appreciation potential, location, and the condition of the buildings. Additionally, Jamison also mentions plans to invest in ground-up projects, taking advantage of market conditions and offering investors a set rate of return. They also address the advantages of the REIT, such as allowing non-Arizona residents to invest and providing a diverse portfolio of properties for investors to choose from.


They go on to discuss the advantages of investing in the NV REIT for older investors, despite the long-term hold nature of the investment. They mention that immediate distributions and the opportunity for passive income make the REIT appealing, as well as the potential to pass the investment onto future generations. Our team also addresses the continuing availability of individual projects for those who prefer shorter-term commitments and want to invest in specific properties. They highlight the flexibility of the NV REIT, which is open 24/7 for investments, compared to the timing limitations of individual projects. The episode concludes with Jamison announcing the first acquisition of the REIT, Venture on Williams, and discussing its favorable qualities.


Overall, the episode provides insights into the structure and benefits of the NV REIT, including its tax advantages, long-term cash flow, diverse property portfolio, and flexibility for investors. The hosts address common questions and concerns from investors while highlighting the unique features of the REIT that make it an attractive investment option.