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Ep 89 - Renovation Update  - Venture on Central: An ideal location and what the first unit reveals

In this episode of "Kiss my Assets," Jamison and John discuss their recent visit to Venture on Central. The property is undergoing renovations, and they describe the progress they've made so far. They mention the presence of Conex containers filled with equipment on the property, emphasizing the need to secure supplies due to supply chain challenges. They note that a few units are vacant and in the midst of demolition, but overall, the property looks promising.

Jamison and John highlight the desirable location of the property, surrounded by million-dollar homes and near Central Phoenix. They mention the presence of a bike-friendly area and a former bridle path that adds to the charm of the neighborhood. They discuss the exterior improvements, such as new paint and plans to expand the pool deck. They also talk about the interior renovations, including removing outdated square bathtubs and replacing them with walk-in showers.

The team appreciates the opportunity to transform the property and bring it up to code. They express their commitment to creating a quality product and ensuring that the property is attractive to potential future owners. They look forward to sharing the progress of the renovations in the coming months as they continue the demolition and start working on the interior of the units.

Overall, the episode provides insights into the ongoing renovations at the property, highlighting the challenges faced, the improvements made, and the vision for creating a modern and appealing living space.