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Ep. 124 - The ASU Real Estate Club; Pushing Past the Limits of Real Estate

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In this episode of the "Kiss My Assets" Bart Diehl hosts special guests; Harry Su and Kyle Duffy, who are the founders of the Arizona State University Real Estate Club. Kyle is a senior at ASU and is currently working under a senior broker at LevRose Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. Harry, a junior at ASU, has been working full-time at CBRE for the last year. 


After realizing there was no dedicated real estate club on campus, Kyle and Harry along with one other decided to start the club.  They discuss the initial conversation that sparked the idea and their vision for the club's future. Harry expresses his excitement about taking over the club and outlines their plans, which include building an all-inclusive hiring portal focused on real estate to provide students with educational opportunities and job placements.


The interview further explores the challenges and experiences of entering the real estate industry. Harry shares his personal story of meeting his boss on a beach in Mexico and emphasizes the importance of networking and building relationships in the field. Kyle went to five brokerage firms before he got his foot in the door. They also discuss the difficulty some students face in finding career opportunities and how the real estate club aims to address this by providing education and job connections.


In addition to the ASU real estate club, the founders talk about how the two found out about Neighborhood ventures, that being Venture on Broadway. The students discussed how they love the transparency of Neighborhood Ventures and how we give everyone, not just accredited investors the opportunity to grow their wealth through real estate investing. 


Overall, the episode provides insights into the origins and goals of the Arizona State University Real Estate Club, highlighting the importance of networking, education, and job opportunities in the real estate industry. It also showcases the enthusiasm and dedication of the club's founders in shaping the future of the club and empowering students in their pursuit of careers in real estate.