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Ep. 139 - WOMEN IN FINANCE: The Power of Networking; Finding a Community; Making Professional Relationships

This podcast episode explores the dynamics of networking, mentorship, and community-building, providing valuable insights for personal and professional development. The conversation starts by distinguishing between internal and external relationships: internal being community and external being networking. The dialogue emphasizes that both spheres are crucial, with community forming the core of one's support system, while networking extends one's connections and opportunities.

In the context of mentorship, the importance of actively applying the advice received is stressed. It is suggested that  a unique method of teaching helps solidify what's learned to reinforce understanding. This technique not only solidifies one's own grasp of the knowledge but also enhances communication skills and encourages a deeper engagement with the mentorship process.

Networking is presented as a skill to be honed, particularly for those new to the practice. Overcoming initial discomfort and vulnerability is advocated as a way to initiate conversations. The hosts propose finding common ground as a starting point, allowing for walls to come down and meaningful dialogues to flourish. They recount their experiences of stepping into networking events feeling uneasy but emerging with new connections and a sense of accomplishment.

The concept of community-building is explored with an emphasis on authenticity and support. The hosts share the value of uplifting others, hyping each other up, and genuinely connecting. They encourage intentional check-ins with community members, recommending activities that align with shared interests to foster deeper connections. Ultimately, the podcast underscores the symbiotic relationship between mentorship, networking, and community, urging listeners to engage in these realms to foster growth and success actively.