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Ep. 142 - Surfing in the Desert; the New Normal for Renters; More Money, Smaller Houses

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In this episode of Kiss My Assets, Bart Diehl, Bella Hoffman and Jamison Manwaring start the discussion by introducing the exciting Canyon Beach Surf Park project, emphasizing its wave pool, cliff jumping areas, and retail component. They express enthusiasm for this desert surf park, anticipating its potential to attract tourists and locals, especially given its strategic location near spring training stadiums. They also mention plans for similar parks in other Arizona locations.

Next, they also discuss the multi-family housing market's future. Despite past uncertainties related to rising interest rates, they express optimism for the upcoming year. The conversation cites an article highlighting investor confidence in 2024, emphasizing the shift towards renting among younger generations. Supply and demand dynamics are explored, with a shortage of supply due to construction costs and interest rate challenges. Additionally, the conversation touches on evolving apartment designs and the entry of large institutional investors into the market.

A housing trend is discussed, focusing on changing home designs. Recent homes are noted for having more bedrooms, reduced common areas, and smaller sizes due to increased housing costs. Each individual shares differing perspectives, with personal values influencing housing choices. The conversation highlights creative adaptations to smaller living spaces and suggests that this trend may stem from changing lifestyles and financial constraints. It concludes by emphasizing the importance of adapting to evolving housing dynamics and finding contentment in well-utilized living spaces.