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Ep. 90 - Investor Story Dorie Morales - Creating a sustainable lifestyle for your health and finances

On this episode of "Kiss my Assets," host Jamison Manwaring welcomes Dorie Morales, an investor and partner at Neighborhood Ventures. Dorie is also the publisher of Green Living Magazine, an eco-conscious lifestyle publication. The magazine's mission is to educate, empower, and inspire people to make sustainable choices for a healthier planet. Dorie shares her journey in starting the magazine, influenced by her experiences in Portland and her upbringing surrounded by organic agriculture.

The hosts discuss the importance of sustainability in various aspects of life, including home improvement projects. They highlight the eco-friendly initiatives at Neighborhood Ventures' Country Club property, such as repurposing furniture from a hotel remodel and refinishing existing cabinets instead of replacing them. They emphasize the value of simple changes, like using low-flow faucets and reducing plastic waste, that can have a positive environmental impact.

Dorie encourages individuals to take small steps towards sustainability and suggests workplace challenges to promote eco-conscious behaviors. The hosts appreciate the financial benefits that often accompany sustainable practices, making it a win-win situation. Dorie's connection with Neighborhood Ventures came through Elena, who wrote for Green Living Magazine, and she praises the company's innovative approach to real estate investment.

Overall, the episode highlights the importance of green living, the positive impact of small changes, and the symbiotic relationship between sustainability and financial benefits.