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Ep. 86 - Life in a News Room, and Earning Money from Spam Mail

On this episode of “Kiss My Assets”  Jamison and Heather are joined by special guest and investor Bill Woodward. They discuss Bill's background in journalism and NPR and his appreciation for the real estate investment model offered by Neighborhood Ventures. Bill expresses his admiration for the company's focus on preserving and revitalizing mid-century properties in the Phoenix area. He shares his positive experience working with Heather to secure an investment opportunity and praises the organization's commitment to personal interaction with investors.

Jamison explains that Neighborhood Ventures aims to maintain and upgrade buildings with historical and architectural significance while providing investment opportunities accessible to a wider range of people. He highlights that many of their investors are renters who want to invest in real estate but don't have the means to buy a home. Bill commends the company for making real estate investment more accessible to regular individuals, not just high-net-worth individuals. The conversation also touches on the shift from news and journalism to infotainment and the disappointment it brings. However, they acknowledge the value of video as a communication tool and commend Neighborhood Ventures for their thorough and transparent approach in presenting investment opportunities.

Jamison discusses their diligent approach to addressing potential investor questions through comprehensive marketing materials and live Q&A sessions. They aim to provide all necessary information upfront, reducing the number of additional inquiries. The hosts also discuss the entertaining aspect of their videos and neighborhood explorations, which showcase local businesses in each area they invest in. Jameson mentions an ice cream shop they discovered and frequented. The episode concludes with a discussion about Bill's transition from working in PR to starting his own company, prompted by his dissatisfaction with agency relationships.

This episode highlights Bill Woodward's positive experience with Neighborhood Ventures, his appreciation for their investment model, and their shared vision of preserving and revitalizing historic properties in Phoenix. The conversation also touches on the company's transparent approach, accessibility for a broader range of investors, and commitment to maintaining personal relationships with its investor community.