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Ep. 146 - In the World of Assets, Multifamily Shines Brightest - Here's Why

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In this episode of Kiss My Assets, Jamison, Bart, Bella, and Heather delve into several significant developments in Arizona, including education initiatives, technology workforce development, and the future of a local landmark.

They discuss the collaboration between the Arizona Science Center and the National Taiwan Science Education Center, addressing the semiconductor industry's projected workforce shortfall. The partnership underscores the importance of practical skill development alongside traditional education in making Arizona a semiconductor hub. They shift to Maricopa Community Colleges' successful 10-day semiconductor technician Quick Start program, reflecting the growing interest in semiconductor-related careers and alternative education pathways.

Arizona State University's recognition as the top innovative college by the US News and World Report is also discussed. ASU's commitment to real-world preparation through internships and specialized programs, its plans for campus expansion and a potential medical school, showcases its dedication to innovation and growth.

They explore Turf Paradise, a historical North Phoenix landmark known for horse racing and betting. Given the valuable land footprint, the owner's decision to sell the property prompts discussions about potential buyers and land use possibilities. These topics provide insight into the dynamic and forward-looking nature of Arizona's education, technology, and real estate sectors.