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Ep. 132 - Why You Should Invest in NV REIT; The Housing Market's Ice Age; Would You Buy This $43K Home??

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The transcript is from a live podcast episode of the "Kiss My Assets" podcast, where the hosts discuss real estate investing. The hosts, Jamison Manwaring (CEO of Neighborhood Ventures), Bart Diehl (Director of Marketing), and Heather Andrews (Investor Relations), introduce themselves and express their passion for tangible assets that generate monthly cash flow and passive income.

They start by discussing a home that was sold out immediately at Home Depot for $43,000, which resembles a tiny home. Bart expresses his preference for more space and believes there are better options available. They then discuss the cost of buying versus renting across the United States and note that it currently makes more financial sense to rent in most areas, except for a few markets like Detroit, Philadelphia, and Cleveland.

The hosts read comments from their YouTube channel, where millennials and Gen Z viewers share their experiences and opinions on buying homes. They mention the changing psychology of younger generations towards renting and the necessity of locking in rent costs due to potential income limitations in the future.

The conversation then shifts to the concept of supply and demand in real estate investing. They explain the relationship between supply, demand, and price using the supply-demand curve and discuss how the current housing market is experiencing a shortage of supply compared to the demand, leading to higher prices. The hosts share data from the Phoenix housing market, mentioning that home prices are expected to continue rising, contrary to expectations. They also analyze the multifamily market, noting a decrease in sales volume and a decline in price per square foot. However, the demand for rental properties remains strong, and new apartment units are being delivered to the market, although at a lower rate compared to other growth markets.

They emphasize the importance of taking a long-term view in real estate investing, considering factors like wages, supply-demand dynamics, and macroeconomic trends. They then take a commercial break to promote the Neighborhood Ventures REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), which offers investors the opportunity to invest in cash-flowing multifamily assets with a minimum investment of $1,000. Heather explains the reasons behind the popularity of the REIT, highlighting the immediate cash flow and long-term growth potential it offers. She also mentions the auto-invest feature that allows investors to start with $1,000 and gradually increase their investment.