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Ep. 140 - Mattel on Fire; Why Americans Can't Afford a Home; Office-to-Apartment Conversions

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In this episode, Jamison, Heather, Bart & Bella discuss various topics related to real estate and housing trends. Jamison began by discussing Little Miss BBQ, which canceled a new location due to rising costs, interest rates, and construction expenses. They then shift the conversation to a new Mattel adventure park being built in Arizona, which is seen as a positive addition to the area. They touch on why people are drawn to living in Phoenix despite the extreme heat, mentioning factors like outdoor activities at night and water conservation efforts.

The discussion moves to housing market predictions from Goldman Sachs, indicating a somewhat flat market for the next two years, followed by a gradual price increase. They analyze the challenges posed by rising home prices and interest rates, leading to a situation where median income earners cannot afford more than half of the homes in the US. However, they also emphasize the value of renting and saving for the future, especially as younger generations prefer renting for its flexibility and affordability.

Considering the changing economic landscape, Jamison talks about the evolving mindset toward homeownership and the importance of investing in passive income streams. They share examples of individuals leveraging different sources of income to achieve their goals. The conversation then turns to the idea of converting vacant office spaces into housing, considering the high vacancy rates in major cities. While there's interest in this conversion, challenges like building layouts, plumbing, and electrical systems are highlighted. It is also mentioned that there may be a potential decrease in the value of office buildings by 2030 due to the shift in demand and usage patterns. Overall, the discussion covers various aspects of real estate, housing affordability, and market dynamics.