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Ep. 80: Renovation Recap - Venture on Elden

Jamison and John discuss Venture on Elden; the 16-unit property up in Flagstaff, Arizona. Although this project is still in the renovation process, progress is being made! With supply shortages, weather, and labor shortages, renovating Elden hasn't been an easy task to say the least, but the Neighborhood Ventures team is making great progress.
The two co-founders discuss how supply shortages have impacted the renovation process, and how it was even difficult to get dumpsters and storage units. There is also a housing shortage in Flagstaff, since it is such a desirable place to live- making it a desirable place to own real estate as well. With great snow up in Flagstaff this year, it has only made it more desirable for Arizonians looking for a place to get some snow sports in!
To learn more about the Venture on Elden renovations, listen in to this week's episode of Kiss My Assets!