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Ep. 101 - INVESTOR MINDSET: New Developments Improve Central Phoenix Livability; Why High Home Prices are Driving the Rental Market; What's Next for Multifamily

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The transcript is from an episode of the "Kiss My Assets" podcast, where Jamison Manwaring, the CEO of Neighborhood Ventures, discusses the current state of the markets. He highlights the declines in major indices like the NASDAQ, S&P 500, Dow, and cryptocurrencies. Jameson reflects on his decision to avoid the stock market and emphasizes the steady cash flow from commercial real estate investments. Heather Andrews, the head of Investor Relations at Neighborhood Ventures, joins the podcast as well. 

Shifting gears, they discuss the revitalization of central Phoenix and its growth potential. The transformation of downtown Phoenix over the past 20 years and the addition of amenities like Banquet Ballpark are mentioned. The hosts express excitement about preserving historical architecture and repurposing the canal system for a more vibrant community. They believe these developments will enhance the overall value and living experience.

The podcast then delves into the multifamily housing market, particularly in Phoenix. It highlights the popularity of multifamily apartments due to their amenities and the rental lifestyle favored by individuals post-pandemic. However, there's a significant deficit of multifamily housing in Phoenix, with demand outpacing supply. The issue of resistance from some residents to new apartment buildings is also addressed, emphasizing the need to find a balance between meeting housing demand and addressing local concerns.

The impact of interest rates and inflation on the housing market is discussed, referring to Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell's commitment to raising rates. The speaker sees this as necessary to cool down the market and address affordability issues. The Phoenix housing market has already shown signs of cooling, with a decrease in home prices and an increase in inventory.

Overall, this episode provides insights into market conditions, the benefits of commercial real estate investments, the potential for growth in central Phoenix, and the challenges of the multifamily housing market. It emphasizes the importance of community engagement and finding a balance between supply and demand while considering local concerns.