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Ep. 105 - Trends Prioritize Houses Before Spouses; Have Rents Finally Peaked; The Hidden Benefits of More Housing; What's Really Driving up the Housing Inventory

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In this episode of "Kiss My Assets," We have Jamison Manwaring and Heather Andrews, discussing the increasing trend of single women buying homes. They introduce Heather Reynolds shares her personal experience of buying a home. The article they mention highlights how women take pride in homeownership and how single women are becoming a significant percentage of homebuyers, accounting for 19% in 2021 compared to 9% for single men. The hosts discuss the changing demographics and societal shifts that have led to more women feeling empowered to buy homes without waiting for marriage.

The conversation then transitions to the housing market, particularly the multifamily sector. They note that rents have been on the rise, with median rents in Phoenix increasing by 46% in the last year. However, they also mention that the rent increases are starting to plateau, indicating a potential stabilization in the market. They discuss the affordability of Arizona's housing market in comparison to other markets and how the state's appeal should go beyond being the cheapest option. They emphasize the need to focus on providing quality amenities and attracting better-paying jobs to the area.

The team highlights the positive changes happening in Arizona, including the influx of higher-paying jobs. They discuss how the state's affordability is no longer the sole driving factor for people moving there. 

Overall, the episode explores the increasing trend of single women buying homes, the changes in the housing market, and the need for Arizona's housing market to evolve beyond affordability to attract more residents and offer better amenities and job opportunities.