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Ep. 95 INVESTOR STORY - Brent Huczel: Building Cashflow through Real Estate

In this episode of Kiss My Assets we welcome investor, Brent Huczel, an early investor with Neighborhood Ventures. The interview begins with highlighting Brent’s long-standing relationship with the company and his presence at various events. Brent, a younger investor, shares his background, mentioning his upbringing in Phoenix, Arizona, and his involvement in the family shipping business. He also reveals his passion for real estate investment and mentions owning a 10-unit property, a place in Oklahoma, and a primary residence.

Brent recalls how he initially found out about Neighborhood Ventures through an article clipped by his mom from The Arizona Republic. Intrigued by the company, he attended one of its events and was impressed by its legitimacy and professional approach. As the discussion progresses, Brent explains his investment strategy in real estate, involving both turnkey properties and those requiring renovations. While he enjoys the hands-on aspects of property management, he also outsources certain tasks to experts in the field.

The conversation delves into Brent's journey of gradually building up his real estate portfolio. He shares that he and his brother started by purchasing one-bedroom condos during the 2012 real estate market downturn. Through subsequent investments and a 1031 exchange, they acquired a 10-unit building. Brent expresses his desire to continue expanding his portfolio and emphasizes the importance of being uncomfortable to foster growth. He acknowledges the current economic climate and the need to invest in tangible assets like real estate to counter the effects of inflation.

The interviewer then explores Brent's attraction to Neighborhood Ventures, highlighting the stable returns and passive income provided by their commercial real estate investments. Brent appreciates the convenience of investing with the company, as it allows him to contribute a smaller amount and receive it back with interest in a few years. The discussion concludes with Brent reflecting on the importance of prioritizing goals and advises young individuals looking to start their investment journey to pursue their chosen path wholeheartedly. He recommends real estate investment due to its passive nature and encourages readers to read "How Many Works" by Jason Zweig, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie, and "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

Overall, the transcript provides insights into Brent Huczel's real estate investment journey, showcasing his commitment, hands-on approach, and future aspirations. It highlights the value he sees in investing with Neighborhood Ventures and provides advice for individuals starting out in the world of real estate investment.