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In this episode of "Kiss My Assets," Jamison Manwaring, CEO of Neighborhood Ventures, hosts a discussion with Heather Andrews and Bart Diehl about various trends and insights in the Arizona and multi-family housing markets. They start by discussing the recent inflation numbers, which show a decrease in inflation growth from a year ago, attributing this positive change to efforts by Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve. The conversation then shifts to the migration patterns in cities, particularly focusing on Portland, which has seen a decline in population due to safety concerns, rising costs, and other issues.

They analyze a report that examines migration trends over the last decade, highlighting areas of economic growth and decline across the United States. The discussion emphasizes the importance of investing in areas that are experiencing growth and adapting to changing economic landscapes. They talk about Texas as a prime example of a state attracting businesses and individuals due to its business-friendly policies and lower cost of living than other urban areas.

The conversation then turns to the multi-family housing market. They delve into how the demand for rental units is increasing, with higher-wage households choosing to rent due to rising home prices. They discuss the relationship between supply and demand, noting that while there is some increase in apartment supply, the demand is still strong, leading to shorter vacancy times and higher lease applications.

Jamison, Heather, and Bart highlight the importance of a long-term investment mindset in real estate, emphasizing the need to focus on trends and data over extended periods rather than short-term market fluctuations. They discuss the implications of these trends for real estate investors, suggesting that multi-family properties remain a solid investment choice due to ongoing demand and changing preferences in housing.