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Ep. 136 - Women in Multifamily & Finance; Breaking Financial Chains; How to Begin Learning About Money

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In this episode of "Kiss My Assets," host Bella Hoffman welcomes a group of female investor relations, finance, and marketing professionals at Neighborhood Ventures to discuss women in multi-family real estate and finance. The group discussion includes Heather Andrews, Heidi Butler, and Amanda Schwicht.

The conversation revolves around their roles at Neighborhood Ventures and how they relate to finance and multi-family real estate. The discussion shifts to the concept of readiness when it comes to finances. They discuss a quote that resonates with them: "If you wait until you're ready, you'll never be ready." They reflect on moments when they felt unprepared to start investing or managing finances and share their experiences of transitioning from seeking security to financial freedom.

The group also touches on women's evolving roles in finance and investing. They talk about how younger generations are starting to focus on their finances earlier in life, breaking away from the traditional trend of delaying financial planning until later years. They explore the idea that women tend to view money as a means to security, while men often see it as a means to freedom.

They converse about paths ranging from a passion for finance and numbers, being inspired by the company's vision, learning from mentors, and finding opportunities for growth and impact. The participants share advice for those looking to achieve financial independence. They stress the importance of self-education, seeking mentors, asking questions, and not waiting until you feel 100% ready to take action.

The conversation closes with an emphasis on the significance of taking charge of one's financial future, breaking down taboos around discussing money, and fostering a supportive community of women in the finance and real estate sectors.