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Ep. 119: INVESTOR STORIES - Investing for Opportunity; Balancing Your Priorities; The Power of Persistence

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On this episode of "Kiss My Assets," Jameson Manwaring co-founder and CEO of Neighborhood Ventures is joined by Ted Araya, a valued investor, and Heather, an investor relations representative. They discuss Ted's experience as an investor and his appreciation for the opportunities provided by Neighborhood Ventures. Ted mentions attending their events and bringing his young son to help him understand investing and the potential it holds. Jamison expresses admiration for Ted's mindset and looks forward to discussing investing with other young individuals. Ted shares his belief in the mantra of "iron sharpens iron" and how he learns from Jamison's insights and aims to pay it forward to others in his community.


Ted emphasizes the importance of having a supportive network like Neighborhood Ventures and individuals like Jamison, especially as a parent and an impactful member of the community. He mentions the common question of how to manage parenthood and community involvement and credits the support he receives for enabling him to balance these responsibilities. Ted also shares some details about his background, being the youngest of four and a first-generation American from Ethiopia. He explains how his parents' entrepreneurial spirit influenced him to pursue real estate and how he gradually built his portfolio, overcoming market challenges along the way.


Ted's educational background is touched upon, with his undergraduate degree in marketing and a post-bachelor degree in Applied Leadership and Management. He talks about his first real estate transaction, which took place when he was 21 years old during the booming market of 2006. Despite the subsequent market crash, he saw an opportunity and acquired more properties over time. Ted also highlights the importance of financial literacy and sharing knowledge, mentioning his passion for teaching and inspiring others to invest in real estate.


The discussion shifts to finding a balance between work, steady income, and having time for personal pursuits. Ted talks about his 20-year government job and how he aims to reach a point where he can balance it with his other activities. He mentions teaching at GCU (Grand Canyon University) and the fulfillment he derives from it. Ted advises others to reflect on their end goals and manage their money effectively. He highlights the two extremes of not making enough money and not being able to enjoy the money one makes due to excessive work. Ted believes in finding a fine balance and suggests that time management is crucial for achieving a fulfilling life.


Overall, the podcast transcript showcases Ted Araya's journey as an investor, his appreciation for Neighborhood Ventures, and his desire to learn, share knowledge, and achieve a balanced life. It highlights the importance of a supportive community and the value of financial literacy in making informed investment decisions.