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Ep. 75: Investor Mindset - Risk vs Reward and Why Commercial Real Estate is #1

February 16th, 2022
In this episode of Kiss My Assets, Jamison Manwaring and Grayson Loupas sit down to talk about investing, and more specifically, risk versus reward and how to assess investments. With Jamison's investing experience from Wall Street and Grayson's experience as a young entrepreneur, they dive into different types of investments.
Commercial real estate, cryptocurrency, stocks and bonds, etc. These are all the different asset classes that they dive into, and the risk versus reward on each of these. To no one's surprise, Jamison talks about how commercial real estate is still is one (and only) asset class that he is investing in. Grayson talks about his experience with cryptocurrency and buying in at the very top of the market- all in this weeks episode of Kiss My Assets.