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Ep. 87 - Why You Should Own Real Estate Right Now, Habits for Building Wealth, Who is Jamie?

In this episode of the "Kiss My Assets" podcast, Jamison and Heather discuss investing and financial planning. Jamison explains how real estate investments can provide a stable and uncorrelated option compared to the volatile stock market. They address common concerns and misconceptions about investing with smaller amounts of money and emphasize the importance of long-term thinking and building good financial habits.

Heather shares her personal experiences, including the satisfaction of watching her investment account grow and the joy of receiving passive income distributions. They discuss the distinction between growth investing and income investing, highlighting the benefits of passive income for those nearing retirement. They also stress the significance of starting early and developing consistent saving and investing habits.

The conversation touches on the concept of an emergency fund as a safety net, allowing individuals to weather financial storms without panicking. They also mention the advantages of individual retirement accounts (IRAs), such as tax-free growth and the ability to invest in various assets, including real estate. Jamison encourages listeners to fully fund their IRAs and take advantage of the tax benefits they offer.

Overall, the discussion underscores the importance of taking a long-term approach to investing, building good financial habits, and diversifying one's portfolio to mitigate risks. By providing insights and practical advice, Jamison and Heather aim to empower listeners to make informed financial decisions and secure a more stable future.