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Ep. 143 - You Should Know THIS Before Investing; Financial Freedom Before Retirement; Why Invest in Real Estate??

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In this episode of Kiss My Assets, Bella Hoffman and Amanda Schwicht interview Chad Gillund, an out-of-state investor in the NV REITs. Chad, despite limited prior knowledge of real estate, shares why he chose Neighborhood Ventures as his investment platform. He was drawn in by their extensive educational resources and transparency.

Chad's investment approach involved thorough market research, focusing on the Phoenix multi-family real estate market due to its growth potential. They discuss Neighborhood Ventures' expansion plans and offer advice for aspiring investors, emphasizing the importance of starting small and consistent investments.

Chad reflects on his investment journey, highlighting the power of compounding, similar to investing in dividend stocks. He values cash flow understanding and trusts Neighborhood Ventures' founders, Jamison Manwaring and John Kobierowski. The conversation ends with Chad inviting potential investors to explore the wealth of information on Neighborhood Ventures' platform and sharing his positive testimonial of three years of investment growth.