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Ep. 127 - INVESTOR STORIES: The Sunbelt on Fire; The Benefits of Saving Now!

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Episode 127 of Kiss My Assets Features Bart Diehl, Director of Marketing, Amanda Schwicht; Marketing Analyst, and special guest Carrie Dewaters. Carrie moved to Arizona from New Jersey in 1998 and for the last nine years has worked as a real estate agent here in Arizona. Carrie is an investor in multiple of our projects, starting with Venture on Villa Hermosa. 


Carrier and our team discuss how starting small with her investments helped her build trust and confidence in Neighborhood Ventures. As the process went smoothly she became increasingly more involved in our projects. The investor acknowledges their satisfaction with the communication aspect of Neighborhood Ventures, praising the responsiveness and thorough explanations provided by the team, especially mentioning Heather's promptness in addressing inquiries. The easy accessibility of information through the website is also commended, fostering a positive investment experience.


When asked what financial advice Carrie would give her younger self, she reflected on her journey and how she didn't know where and how she should save and invest her money. They emphasize the importance of taking calculated risks, diversifying investments, and prioritizing savings. The investor also mentions their preference for conservative investments aligned with Neighborhood Ventures' approach and their aversion to the stock market's volatility. The conversation moves to expressing interest in exploring the real estate market further, and the current challenges of finding suitable investment opportunities in the current market.