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Ep. 110 - Discussion With Two Real Estate Disruptors; How Crowdfunding has Reshaped Investing

On this episode of Kiss My Assets, Jamison Manwaring is featured on the podcast:"Rethink Real Estate" hosted by Eve Picker.  Eve, shares information about her company, Small Change, which is an equity crowdfunding platform for impact investment in real estate. She emphasizes the mission to make real estate work for everyone and invites listeners to invest as little as $250 in Small Change. Eve then interviews Jamison Manwaring, the co-founder and CEO of Neighborhood Ventures, a real estate crowdfunding company focused on value-add multifamily properties.


Jamison talks about his background in finance and how his interest in analyzing businesses led him to study finance in college. He shares his experiences of networking in New York to pursue a career in finance and eventually landing an internship at Barclays Capital. However, he realized that he didn't enjoy the volatility of equities and preferred the tangible nature of real estate. After working on an IPO and getting to know people in the real estate industry, Jamison decided to move to Arizona and launch Neighborhood Ventures with a focus on crowdfunding and investing in commercial real estate.


The conversation delves into the motivation behind Neighborhood Ventures, which is to make commercial real estate investment accessible to a wider audience. Jamison and his co-founder, John Kobierowski, aim to disrupt traditional capital-raising methods and provide opportunities for individuals to invest in real estate projects. They believe that real estate is a valuable asset and want to offer people a chance to participate in its growth and success.


Overall, the transcript highlights the mission and goals of Small Change and Neighborhood Ventures in making real estate investment more inclusive and showcases Jamison's journey from finance to real estate crowdfunding.