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Ep. 107 - INVESTOR STORIES: Creative Hack for Saving Money; My Experience as a Civil Servant; Is Owning REALLY the Best Way to Invest in Real Estate??

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In this episode of the "Kiss My Assets" Jamison Manwaring and Heather Andrews welcome guest Pamela Watson, an early investor, to discuss her journey with the company. Pamela shares how she discovered the investment opportunity while waiting at the dentist's office and read about it in the financial section of the Arizona Republic. Intrigued by the opportunity, she showed the article to her husband, who encouraged her to pursue it. Despite her husband's passing, Pamela continued investing in subsequent projects, maintaining a positive relationship with the company.

The conversation delves into the early days of the company, where the founders, Jamison and John, personally answered phone calls and engaged with potential investors. Pamela praises the accessibility and personal touch of the company, even though it highlighted the need for growth. Pamela also reflects on her 25-year career in civil service, where she started by distributing government assets and eventually became an expert in logistics and trucking operations. She shares her experiences working with truckers and earning their respect in a male-dominated industry.

Pamela's life with her husband took them from rural Oklahoma to various locations, including San Diego, where they settled and raised their two accomplished daughters. Pamela's dedication to her husband and their shared goals kept them together, even when considering a move back to their hometown. Despite challenges and sacrifices, their strong partnership and independent daughters brought them joy and fulfillment.

Overall, Pamela's story highlights her financial acumen, resilience, and commitment to supporting promising ventures. Her experiences as an investor and her successful career in civil service demonstrate her determination to overcome obstacles and find success.